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Thursday, October 1st

13h00 - 13h45:  Registration and Poster mounting
13h45 - 14h00:  Opening Ceremony

Session 1

14h00 - 14h30:
Plenary lecture : Pr. Loïc J. BLUM
" Multiplexed systems for diagnostics and environment assays and for monitoring of redox enzymatic reactions ".

14h30 - 14h50: Laia REVERTÉ
"Development of a new ELISA based on "self-assembled monolayers for the detection of tetrodotoxins in puffer fish: comparison with SPR, LC-MS/MS and MBA"

14h50 - 15h10: Miriam Jauset RUBIO
"Rapid β-conglutin detection for food safety applications"

15h10 - 15h30: Pablo GIMÉNEZ-GÓMEZ
"Development of a reagentless amperometric biosensor for malolactic fermentation monitoring in red wines"

15h30 - 15h40: Alina VASILESCU
"A new e-tongue for the discrimination of red wines ".

15h40 - 16h10: Coffee Break & Poster Session

Session 2

16h10 - 16h40:
Plenary lecture : Pr. José M. PINGARRÓN
" Advanced electrochemical bioplatforms for detection and diagnosis of cancer biomarkers ".

16h40 - 17h00: Alejandro CHAMORRO
" Nanochannel array device operating through Prussian blue nanoparticles for sensitive label-free immunodetection of a Cancer biomarker "

17h00 - 17h20: Gülsen Betül AKTAS
"Improved genosensor using DNA binding protein tag-HRP conjugate for signal amplification "

17h20 - 17h40: Maria MALLÉN-ALBERDI
" Impedimetric bacterial fingerprint with interdigitated microelectrodes as a route for label-free detection "

20h00 : Aperitif & Gala Diner
Maison Lafage, Mas Miraflors, Route de Canet, 66000 Perpignan


Friday, October 2nd

09h30 - 10h00:  Plenary lecture : Pr. Jean-Michel KAUFFMANN
" Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences "

10h00 - 10h20:  Olena MAYBORODA
" Assured biosensors for molecular diagnostics "

10h20 - 10h40: Alejandro ZAMORA-GÁLVEZ
" Graphene Quantum Dots-based Sensor for Specific Pesticide Detection"

10h40 - 11h00: Coffee Break & Poster Session

11h00 - 11h20: Emelyne GERVAIS
"Gold nanoparticles stabilization onto glassy carbon by diazonium salts. Application to Hg(II) trace level electrochemical detection "

11h20 - 11h40: José Manuel DÍAZ-CRUZ
" Penicillamine-modified sensor for the voltammetric determination of Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions in natural samples "

11h40 - 12h00:
" Development of electrochemical biosensors for β-triketones herbicides detection based on hppd inhibition "

12h00 - 12h15: Meeting colsure

12h45:  Lunch
Restaurant : Le Clos des Lys,
660 Chemin de la Fauceille, 66100 Perpignan


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